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        In every organisation, the management is constantly demanded to make decisions which are critically vital to the organisation. It is already hard to make the right decision, not the wrong one...but sometimes there can be more than one right answer. Only the best Decision, allows you to roll out the best Execution, optimising bottom-line which reflects the value of your organisation, and leadership.




The key strengths that qualify us to provide solutions for in Business Intelligence are:
  • Optimal blend of business and technical experts from diverse background
  • In-depth understanding in Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, and Data Mining concepts both theoretically and practically
  • Our collaborative consulting approach maximising client involvement, which increases project success rate and lowers system discontinued rate
  • Our knowledge transfer strategy empowering client, which helps prevent budget creep from post-implementation consulting dependency
  • Proficiency of our team in data integration from variety of data sources
  • Management team's experience that capable of applying IT solutions to improve business processes (not to make IT become additional problem) 


“Unused data is a great source of untapped productivity and competitive advantage for most companies”
– Larry Downes, Strategy Consultant and Author
From CIO Magazine, September 1, 2003






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