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 Boonrawd Brewery Co., Ltd.
 Project: Data Analytical/ Data Mining/ Statistics (Forecasting) 






"We regularly use SAS Forecast Server to forecast the sale volume in medium-term by regional hierarchy. At the end of project implementation, Infolyst transferred knowledge to our Demand Planners, both manager (I) and our planners are confident in the results of this forecasting solution to our medium-term plan. Moreover, we could process our forecasting tasks within much shorter time as well."

"We found that Infolyst tries to facilitate us in using SAS Forecast Server to fit our organisation. The knowledge transfer sessions for our staff, who most of them do not have any experience with this solution, to understand and to be able to use SAS Forecast Server efficiently by Infolyst’s trainers who are skillful to this solution."

"Infolyst provides us the professional service very well. We do understand the conditions of each other very well and we consider Infolyst as a partner with strong relationship."

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