More than a service provider — a partner.

“We’ve been using SAS Forecast Server to forecast medium-term sales volume by region. Infolyst made it easy to make the most out of their solution. They thoroughly trained and shared useful knowledge with our Demand Planners, which not only made us confident in the results, but helped us familiarise ourselves with the SAS solution so we can now complete our forecasting process in a much shorter time.

“Infolyst has been more than a professional service provider to us, they are our partner.”


ML. Ravi Suksawasdi

Boonrawd Brewery Co., Ltd.
Data Analytics/ Data Mining/ Statistics (Forecasting)

Efficient, flexible and client-centric.

“Infolyst’s Business Intelligence team understood our goals well, and not only provided us with efficient data collection and analytics solutions, but also multiple knowledge sessions, pre-implementation, during model generation and post-training. They also provided a transparent, step-by-step update of the work processes so we could both learn from and challenge some of the ideas, which will definitely help our team grow further in the long-run.”

“Infolyst has been more than a professional service provider to us, they are our partner.”


Darika Phagapasvivat

Bank of Ayudhya Co., Ltd.
CRM/ Campaign Analytics/ Business Intelligence

Professional and effective solutions.

“Infolyst deployed a data centralisation tool to remove redundant files and establish connections between network systems across the university, which significantly improved our disconnected network systems and solved our data redundancy issues. Our data collection system now works much more efficiently and we’re making more informed decisions.


Mariam Toloi
Head of Website Development & Information System
UTCC -University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce