Infolyst helps you tap into the benefits of big data

We provide data visualisation, performance forecasts, and risk management solutions, so you can understand and serve your customers better to grow more strategically.

We are here to help you with

Data Management

Infolyst helps you take advantage of your data with ETL optimisation, so your business can grow more strategically and efficiently.

Analytical CRM

Know and serve your customers better with detailed customer profiling & segmentation, behavioural analysis, target marketing analysis, and churn prediction.

Forecast & Optimisation

Plan better and see an increase in your bottom line by aligning your production, inventory and logistics around a strategic, data-driven demand forecast.

Performance Management

Our data visualisation helps you set SMART goals, and comprehensive performance planning and rating systems, so you can reach your business goals while helping employees reach their full potential.

Retail Solutions

Infolyst’s retail analytics and role-based KPIs (key performance indicators) and reports make planning a successful product launch, and helping your retail employees master their roles easy.

Risk Management

We protect your business from potential disruptions with sophisticated and comprehensive fraud detection, anti-money laundering tools, and credit scoring analysis.

Pre/Post Implementation Solutions

We’re with you every step of your analytics journey, from planning your detailed roadmap, as well as training and working with your in-house analysts to ensure optimal results after implementation.


Pre-defined 'Business Intelligence & Analytics Solution' for Higher Education Institution.

EAD : Education Analytics Dashboard

Pre-defined 'Business Intelligence & Analytics Solution' for Higher Education Institution


How does Infolyst’s EAD help your education institution?

As an education institution, you are constantly measuring and analysing professors’ and students’ performance to make better decisions that will improve the quality of education you offer, differentiating you from the competition.

That’s where our advanced and comprehensive Education Analytics Dashboard can help. With a clear big picture, you'll be able to clarify your goals and then dive deep into your data to reach those goals more efficiently.

Infolyst’s Education Analytics Dashboard also gives you:

  • Balanced scorecard framework – prioritise, monitor and evaluate each task and project effectively
  • Built-in report generator and data model – our simple, inclusive data format makes it easy to organise your data and glean actionable insights from it
  • Global best practice – stay up to date with latest practices and exceed the industry’s standards
  • What-If scenario analysis – evaluate all potential outcomes and make development plans accordingly so your vision of success is never limited